Saturday, March 10, 2012

Why Should Parents Use a Navel Protector?

 Navel protectors and baby binders have been around since the early 1900’s and maybe
even earlier. But there are different ways that people use the traditional
binders. Here are some of the ways to use the baby binder. The primary use of
the binder is within the first two weeks of birth in order to protect the navel
area from infection that sometimes is caused by wetness (especially boys) and
from the constant rubbing of diapers against the navel area. The warmth from
the binder also soothes colic.

There is an old custom that involves the binder in creating the perfect “innie” belly button.
A coin is placed over the belly button and the binder is wrapped around the
waist in belief that it helps to hold and fuse the abdominal muscles.
There is actually a medical explanation for this. It is common for a
newborn to have weak abdominal muscles, as well as abdominal muscles that are
not fused in the center (the umbilical region), hence the abdominal or
umbilical hernia. These muscles normally grow in strength and size in 3 to 4
years, allowing the muscle to fuse, and the hernia or the hole to close. If you
are concerned about your baby having an umbilical hernia, consult your
pediatrician. (Courtesy of Smart Parenting)

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How to use the Juju Band Navel Protector

Julie Acevedo and Julio Guerra teach us how to use a baby navel protector.

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