Tuesday, December 3, 2013

KidSwitch For Toddlers Review

When I first got the KidSwitch, I let it sit on my bedroom dresser and noticed the glow in the dark feature. I gave it to my sister because my nephew is a toddler.  I am impressed with this feature because my nephew said that he “loves the glow in the dark “handle.” It has created a new and fun nighttime adventure that helps him sleep because the light is in the room with him and now he is not afraid of the dark.  
To him it looks like a nifty new toy but to my sister, it is a great teaching tool. He seems to enjoy the independence of being able to turn on and off the light by himself. My sister said the installation was really easy and she just screwed it on the light switch.
The little moon shape at the end of the switch is really cute and we read the Good Night Moon book for fun after we put up the switch. However you introduce the KidSwitch, it’s a fun tool for parents and kids.

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  1. Never head of this before. My 3 year old son is just now about to reach the light switch.