Sunday, December 22, 2013

Kookaburra Play Café in Chicago

Kookaburra Play Café

Is reopening after a fire and we need your help!

Two weeks ago we suffered an electrical fire in the basement of our beautiful play space forcing us to close our doors.  Dealing with insurance companies and cleaning up the mess has been a heartbreaking and painful process.  Because we wanted so badly to reopen in time for the holidays we decided to fix it at our own expense instead of waiting for months for them to figure out which company is responsible for what.  So now we are ready to reopen our doors this Saturday, December 21st.  We are asking for your support to come and play with all of our new toys.

If you don't know about us, we are a play café in Lincoln Park.
Kookaburra is a special place for families to relax. This is a place where we can do the everyday things with our children and enjoy every minute without the added stress. Sit back with a cup of Uncommon Ground's coffee and bite into the delicious and ever so lovely, Lovely Bake Shop goodies!

See you there,
Joe and Anya

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