Friday, January 3, 2014

Juju Band Announces The New Year Newborn Baby Contest Winner


 Juju Band Concepts LLC announces the winners of the  Juju Band Announces The New Year Newborn Baby Contest Winner. Eric Barcello entered the contest on behalf of he and his girlfriend. Their baby is due In February, 2014.

The winners received the Juju Band Baby Shower Pack  B which contains 1 blanket, comforter, bib and baby band. 2 additional bands were added as a bonus for their entry and a thank you for entering the contest.

The contest was open to pregnant women and their families in the USA. Entrants sent in their entries via email. Any member of the family was able to enter including grandparents, parents, siblings, children and other relatives. No juju band employees entered the contest and it was not open to employees.

About Juju Band:
The band is used for 2 different purposes. First, it is used on the newborn as a shield to protect the navel from constant contact of diapers and clothing. This helps reduce the likelihood of irritation and infection. Secondly, the Infant band helps to relieve colic and soothe fussy babies. The snug fit calms and comforts even the most finicky infants. Its design is simple and made to accommodate even the busiest of parents! Families from all cultures have discovered the benefits of Juju Band. Juju Band Baby products are made from the highest quality cotton materials in the U.S.A . Give the gift of tradition to your family or friends and try the Juju Band. Gift Set B retails at $53.00

 Thank you to all that participated in our contest.  To view our video please go to our family traditions page. We are still wanting to share traditions and look forward to an exchange from people on You Tube.

Juju Band is in the process of creating an exclusive baby site just for new parents. We love tradition and new babies! We hope that you will share your new baby news with us at We will be posting pictures of proud new parents.


  1. They're such a cute, happy couple. Hope they'll share baby photos when they're ready.

  2. Congratulations to the happy couple! Thanks for sharing on the Thumping Thursday bloghop.