Sunday, February 16, 2014

Totally Pregnant Services - The Newest Pregnancy App

I found this new Totally Pregnant Services App and think it looks good. I don't work for the company but am interested in new apps for families. I see a lot of them but this looks more professional than many of the others.  The question still remains the same for me. Do we really need an app for everything?  Also, where do they get their information and money to create the app?
I will keep looking into these apps to see just how much commercialism is involved. I get a little tired of the spammy, scammy family sites, apps and everything in-between. Yes, this blog was started because our company was started from a tradition and we have many opportunities that come our way that I want to share but I still think that the MOMS business has become too impersonal and much less authentic than it used to be.

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