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Club MomMe Fall Family Fest Sunday November 9, 2014

Club MomMe Fall Family Fest Sunday November 9, 2014

  • Amazing Swag Bags Packed with our Favorite Products (Tieks!)

  • Get Pampered; Make New Friends

  • Discover New Products, Gear, Services and Local Resources

  • Giveaways ranging from Strollers to Cozy Coupes and Wagons

South Coast Botanic Garden in Palos Verdes, in the South Bay section of Los Angeles

Family Fest is a day like no other.


VIP Playdate
Join us in the Children's Garden for a very special VIP Playdate!
Princess Elsa will be joining us along with another Princess.  All little girls will receive this Frozen "crown" headband.  For the little men and super hero fans, we will have some special treats just for you that are being finalized!

Finding Balance As A Mom
The one thing that universally unites just about all MomMes is the quest for balance.  We all want to be super moms, but at the end of the day, many of us are juggling so many things that it is hard to excel at everything.  So how do other moms find balance? 
Just what are the tips and tricks that other moms have found to take care of their kids, be a good wife, take care of things around the house, make sure the fridge is stocked, our kids get into good preschools, and we find time to hang out with our friends and *gasp* even find time to work out?
Find out at the Finding Balance As A Mom panel featuring Tamera Mowry Housley, Garcelle Beauvias, Samantha Ettus, Leah Garrad-Cole, and others.

Moms Supporting Moms

From the moment you become pregnant, this mysterious thing starts to happen. You all of a sudden become to target of commentary about what you should and should not be doing. You hear it from everyone, your doctor, the guy behind you at Starbucks (really), the stares you get when ordering a sandwich and the facebook groups.  Oh the facebook groups!
When you become a mom, why does YOUR own opinion about how you want to live, the choices you make suddenly lose it's value? Why do people feel the need to judge, critique, and make other women feel bad about their decisions (which are often well-informed and researched)?
Join us for a panel about how we can support each other as moms, and build a positive community instead of one focused on division.  Suzie Barston, the Fearless Formula Feeder will be joined by Jamie Lynne Gromet, I Am Not the Babysitter.

Bestof Gear & Products with Baby Gizmo

The incredible Hollie Schultz, founder of Baby Gizmo, joins us to present the best products and gear based on your budget and lifestyle.
Demonstrating how to use products with charm and style, Hollie will make you laugh and also swoon over the latest products.
Not to worry, we will be giving many of them away!  Make sure you participate in our scavenger hunt for extra chances to win!

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