Newborn Belly Button Care


 Knowing what to expect can ease the anxieties that every new parent feels when it comes to a newborns cord care. Here is some information  of what to expect in the first weeks of life.  Most newborns will have some oozing from the navel before and after the cord falls off. Blood may be noticeable after a diaper change and oozing can go on for one to two weeks.  Some natural accidental tugging may occur and the cord may fall off right away. There will be some oozing after the cord falls off. This is completely normal. 

 The Juju Band is one solution to caring for the cord during this period.  Wrap the Juju Band around the navel area loosely so that diapers do not rub against the navel cord. This will ease the rubbing that occurs with diapers. Fold the diaper down so that it does not cover the band.  The Juju Band should be applied before diaper changing so that there is no possibility of baby’s wetness getting on the area. This is especially important for boys!

  If there is noticeable dripping or a pool of blood, wipe it away with a baby washcloth or tissue.  Keep the tissue over the navel. Alternately, you can use a piece of gauze. Next, wrap the Juju Band around the tummy making it snug, but not tight and wait for approximately 10 to 20 minutes. Take the Juju Band off and check the navel area every hour. You may see some dry blood and the drainage will eventually stop.  If there appears to be excessive drainage, call your pediatrician for assistance.  If the cord has become infected the drainage will have a foul odor and the skin around the cord will appear swollen and red.  If the baby has a fever over 101 then call the doctor immediately.

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