Tuesday, July 23, 2013

10 Reasons Why Prince William & Kate Middleton Use a Royal Juju Band

Photos Courtesy of
uk.omg.yahoo & The New York Times
1. The Juju Band protects the navel from diaper rubbing against the cord.

2. Less likelihood of infection.

3. No mess on the royal clothes.

4. No wetness when the royal weenie accidentally sprays during diaper changes.

5. Assurance of a better belly button.

6. Preparedness for colic, should the occasion present itself. Like insurance, only different.

7. No allergies or skin irritation from herbal colic binder inserts.

8. No binding elastic.

9.  Made of breathable material.

10. Because they are royally good parents.

Disclaimer: We only posted this because we were jealous of TMZ-only, I’m NOT a lawyer.

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