Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Juju Band releases their Boo pattern for Halloween

 Scare yourself silly but keep your baby safe from having colic while you indulge wth this stylish Halloween Juju Band.  Visit  $14.99 each

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Showing Off Your Baby's Name

 Author: Roz Stuzin
A name is baby's most important possession and his monogram is an elegant way of showing off his name without shouting it to the world. Deciding what letters to use for baby's monogram is so easy but people make mistakes because they don't understand that there are THREE types of monograms. Once you know the three monogram choices, you will never get confused again.

1. Three Letter monogram with the initials of the same size

2 .Three Letter monogram with the middle initial larger.

3. Two Letter monogram.
  • The three letter monogram with all of the initials the same size is the easiest. You include the first letter of each of baby's three names( first name, middle name and last name). Even this simple concept can get complicated if the baby has a hyphenated last name. In this case we suggest you eliminate the baby's middle name and use the initial of the first name and the initial of each of the two last names.
  • The three letter monogram with the middle initial larger is very sophisticated and popular ,but you have to be careful and know the correct rules of monogramming. The order of this monogramming is the first letter of baby's first name, the first letter of his last name embroidered larger and the first letter of his middle name. This style of monogramming would never work with a hyphenated last name.
  • Finally, the two letter monogram is usually the baby's first and last name and this monogram requires that the letters be the same size.

Once you have selected the type of monogram; then you can choose the color and the font

1.. We recommend that the color always be contrasting. For example, if you choose a light blanket, then choose a darker embroidery color and if you choose a dark or bright colored blanket then select white or a softer shade of embroidery for the blanket.

2. The font is the type of letter in the embroidery. Script and block are the most popular. If you choose block, you can decide whether you want the letters to be lower case or all upper case.

Baby gifts become keepsakes once they are monogrammed. Almost any baby gift can be monogrammed, but we find that blankets are one of the most popular baby gifts to monogram .There are several choices when it comes to personalizing a baby blanket. One of the important decisions is where to embroider a baby's monogram. None of the choices are wrong; it is a matter of personal preference.

Sometimes the pattern or the texture of the blanket can influence your decision.Most baby blankets can be monogrammed with the baby's three letter monogram or personalized with a name and birth date. The one rule that is almost never broken is that you never add a birth date to a three letter monogram.
Unless a customer makes a special request Namely Newborns usually embroiders the name or monogram at the bottom of the blanket, but there are other places to add embroidery .It is very attractive to add a monogram to the left or right side of the blanket on an angle. Some custom blankets have the name embroidered on the border. Quilts also are usually embroidered on the bottom border unless the customer requests that they be embroidered at the top.

At Namely Newborns we love to add a monogram to stuffed animals and towels. Our favorite place to monogram a stuffed animal is on the ears. Plush bunnies and soft bears, usually have cute ears that look great when they are personalized with initials . A hooded baby towel looks sharp with monograms on the hood or on the side.

Almost any baby gift can be monogrammed. Make sure you know the rules of monogramming and you will always created a perfectly personalized baby gift.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

INDY FAMILY FEST Saturday, October 19, 2013

A fun filled Saturday event created especially for Indianapolis’ families.
The event will feature over one hundred exhibitor booths offering attendees valuable information on the latest and greatest products and services. A variety of family and children activities will take place.
Saturday, October 19, 2013
Indiana State Fairgrounds
Marsh Blue Ribbon Pavilion