Saturday, February 1, 2014

Social Baby Naming With Baby Ballot

Choosing the right name for your baby can be a tricky thing. You want a name that’s unconventional, but not peculiar. You want a name that’s traditional, but not completely out of fashion. You want something that resonates, goes well with the last name, and appeals to both your friends and your family. Parents have their own personal motivations when it comes down to naming a child. Some of them prefer Biblical names, some love the names of The Sixties, and sometimes it’s as simple as liking names starting with J.

While there have been thousands of books written about baby names, and you can currently browse almost as many websites offering various lists, all of these resources only offer plain information about origins, meanings, pronunciation, etymology, and other facts that are interesting to read, but in their great passivity are unable to help with the final decision.

Belly Ballot, a social media baby naming website, makes baby naming fun. Social baby naming is a new, truly amazing phenomenon that opens the door to a more interactive, creative and fun way to find the perfect name for your child. People around you, your friends and family, they are all given the chance to be a part of the decision process. Social baby naming has many advantages compared to relying on a book or a typical name webpage. It is easily accessible to anyone with an Internet connection, via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram; it integrates voices from all over the world, be it your family living in Europe or a complete a complete stranger from Australia; and it generates new names and new ideas you would originally never think of yourself.

On top of all the fun interacting with your social media friends, there’s always a chance for the soon-to-be moms to win a prize. The latest, most exciting prize that women on Belly Ballot went crazy about was a Juju Band. Thousands of moms searched through different baby names, created their ballots and according to their comments, they couldn’t wait to win this great helper to relieve the baby’s colic symptoms and abdominal pain. And it is that easy – all you need to do is to create your ballot, get the most votes, and the prize is yours!


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